Slicin With Dice Choppin it up with “Just Be Fresh”

Summer is here and so is the heat.  What's a better way to cool down than to enjoy a healthy all natural cold pressed juice?  On this episode of Slicin with Dice, Dice chops it up with "Bliss Lifestyle and Fitness" trainer and owner of "Just Be Fresh" cold pressed juices Diamond Baird.  They try her summer flavor "Hussle Blue" over a vegan po boy from Detroit Vegan Soul. 

Diamond started off and is still currently a personal trainer.  She says she created Bliss Lifestyle and Fitness as a way to bring health to her family and her community due to the loss of some close family and friends because of health issues.  She recognized the lack of health awareness and wanted to bring change to her environment and culture.  Bliss Lifestyle and Fitness focuses on strength and conditioning and she offers one on one, group, and zoom training with routines that yields results and caters to your body and goals. Be on the look out for her next fitness classes such as: trampoline toning class, and her Finally Fit Bootcamp sponsored by Under Armour.

"Just be Fresh" is Diamonds line of cold press juices. With three signature flavors, she also introduced seasonal collections.  I tried her 'Hussle Blue" which is apart of her summer collection.  It had a sweet lemonade flavor that was so refreshing. It was also nice knowing that you can enjoy a sweet drink without added chemicals and processed sugar.  Diamond says that she didn't initially plan on making a business out of her juices. At first it was something her friends would ask her to make and was just a side hustle.  But with the rise of Corona Virus she found that it was important to push a healthy product geared towards boosting peoples immune system.  Especially in a place like Detroit where healthy options are not easily accessible.  You can catch Just Be Fresh in Bee's Beauty Bar in Southfield, Michigan and be on the lookout for their next pop up event. 

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