Keeyah Gardens.

As we all know we survive off of the food that we eat. Most of us rely on our markets and grocery stores to provide us with our food but what happens if those places shut down? Do you know how to grow produce? or at least know your local farmers that you can purchase from? We all were in for  a rude awakening March of 2020 when covid swept the nation and threatened our food security causing everyone to panic. We stocked up on food with the fear of the unknown caused by the shutdown. But would we have been in such frenzy if we had our own food supply? It taught me if you stay ready you won't have to get ready.

Last August, 2021 I had the pleasure of chopping it up with a local farmer of Stone Mountain Georgia,  Monica of Keeyah Gardens.  I met Monica at a local food vending event and I saw her passion for gardening so I wanted to pick her brain and learn a little bit more about farming as well as see all the produce she has in her garden. Upon arriving I saw all of the beautiful flowers including sunflowers she had blossoming in the farm. As she gave me the tour It was amazing to see the range of  produce planted by one person.  Eggplants, okra, and squash are just a few vegetables found in Keeyah Gardens.  I also had a pleasure of trying a fresh string bean straight off the vine.  

One thing I know is that even if you yourself do not wish to start your own farm, or gardening is not your thing, it is important to know where to find local farmers in times of need.  Not only does it take us away from being reliable on large corporations, its a lot healthier to source locally and it also helps circulate our dollar to our local farmers so they can continue farming.

You can catch Keeyah Gardens at their next farmers market event in the Atlanta area.  Make sure to follow her on insfagram @keeyahgardens


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