The Vegan Trap With Jonnelle Maria

 As you all know I started my vegan journey about a year and a half ago.  I like many vegans, was so intrigued by the lifestyle and the promoted health benefits that come along with it. I also felt like it was the best thing to do due to the rise of Covid-19.  I wanted to take control of my health and give myself the best possible outcome if the virus ever came my way. I was also always in aww about the shinny glowing skin I'd see most vegans have.  Although I thought I did thorough research, never did I think to look at the opposite end of the spectrum. Always looking at the benefits but never the potential dangers of veganism. 

A couple months ago I started to seriously crave salmon.  I would "sneak" salmon and felt terribly guilty about it. Especially since I was promoting the vegan lifestyle.   Luckily I came across a woman by the name of Jonnelle Maria who shares her vegan experience that almost cost her her life. It made me feel better about my cravings because I realized it was my body telling me what I needed.

Jonnelle was vegan for about six years until she started experiencing health problems that made her revert back to eating meat. Problems such as teeth sensitivity, hair loss, and being too skinny due to malnourishment. The purpose of this conversation is not to convince you to not be vegan but to give you a well rounded perspective of some possible outcomes if you do choose to go this route. To all those who don't agree or have a problem with what is said, isn't it better to know about the dangers than not to know? At the end of the day this is somebodies journey and somebodies truth. To be aware allows you to pay detailed attention to yourself and your daily health. It also will allow you to dig deeper into other potential ways of living.  You do not have to be vegan to be healthy, spiritual, or closer to God.

Here are some photos of Jonnelle  while on a vegan diet. 

Here is after incorporating meat in her diet 
As a leader I commend her for speaking out on this subject especially after she was pushing veganism . It’s not always easy to go against what you once thought was right. Especially against a community whose beliefs are so strong like the vegan community that can sometimes feel like a cult and can be extremely judgmental.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram @jonnellemaria . As well as her YouTube where she’ll be continuing her series of interviewing ex vegans to share their stories.

In this live We spoke about her book “The Vegan Trap” , as well as her self help book that helps you track your daily health . Jonnelle also helps people build their business credit ! So make sure to hit her up  

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