Choppin it up With Promise Land Real Estate Investor Trevor Sarter

We’re all striving to build generational wealth . In this time there are many ways to do so . I was fortunate enough to chop it up with Trevor Sarter . One of the Sarter brothers duo who started their own real estate company Promise Land Realty.  

Sarter, a Detroit native who’s portfolio expands all over the country, understands the importance of real estate and believes that it’s a skill that everyone should have. So much so that he created his own Real Estate handbook called “Remote Real Estate Investor” intended for rookies and vets . In this handbook Sarter teaches you how to build an effective real estate team, gives you the language and vocabulary, as well as how to market properties effectively.

Knowledge is power and with that understanding Sarter created his own book club called "The Marathon Book Club" where he shares informational books about financial as well as personal growth.  He also offers he gold one hundred dollar manifestation book marks intended to keep you focused and motivated as indulge in information geared towards your growth.

Make sure to check out our interview. You Can Find Trevor at:

IG: @promislandrei 

Twitter: @promislandrei


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