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Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculine and feminine energies are two beautiful energies working in cohesion with one another.  The masculine represented by the sun, governing the day, ruling the light,  is just as equally as important as the feminine represented by the moon, governing the night, ruling the dark.  Both energies beautifully crafted in their own unique way thrive while operating together. No one is superior than the other because the masculine can not exist without the feminine nor the feminine without the masculine. They're just two opposite ends of the same spectrum. Freedom (the feminine) with out structure (the masculine) is pure chaos. The Masculine without the feminine lacks purpose. Both energies taking responsibilities away from the other so they can operate better in their...

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Astrology Series Intro.

With this astrology series I aim to illustrate the beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy found within all of us. To get people to respect both energies as opposite equals. As well as to encourage anyone looking for self improvement to find a reliable astrologer to help them on their journey of awareness. 

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