Astrology Series Intro.

Astrology is what I consider a beautiful study of our solar system. The study of energy and balance. I hear a lot of people say they don't believe in astrology but unfortunately it's not a belief system.   If you think of "mother" earth, then think of "grandmother" universe. Ones birth chart is a beautiful calculation of ones operating system developed by the energy of the planets and stars. A psychoanalysis of ones personality and ego traits granted to them based on the positioning of the planets at the time they were born. How they communicate, how they dress, where they take place in society, their relationships with family and friends. Our modern society has completely disconnected us from nature.  Learning the system and language will teach us our connection to nature, and help us respect the way nature operates.

Ones birth chart allows us to accept that one size does not fit all. Everybody is not meant to be a boss, everybody is not meant to be a husband or wife or a mom. Some people will go through multiple marriages in their lifetime. Others won't find love until later in life. Some, never.  Some people get lost in work, some people get lost in love. There are women who posses more masculine energy than some men, and some men more feminine than some women.  Of course a lot of our behavior is heavily influenced by the social programing of society, our environment, culture etc. But a lot of ones behavioral patterns can be found written in the stars. 

With this astrology series I aim to illustrate the beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy found within all of us. To get people to respect both energies as opposite equals. As well as to encourage anyone looking for self improvement to find a reliable astrologer to help them on their journey of awareness.