Vicky The Virgo - Mutable Earth (feminine)

The Virgo woman. Ruled by mercury the planet of communication along side her sister sign Gemini. Virgo holds strong opinions and great intellect. Although a bit shy she is not afraid to communicate her opinions. Critical of not only everything around her, she can be extremely critical of herself. She executes her talents with clean precision and precise details due to the need to be accurate. The ones closes to her may be offended by her criticism but if she criticize you its because she loves you and only wants the best from and for you. Despite her analytical nature, the virgo can be extremely sensitive and reactive to the criticism placed on her by others. In earth sign fashion, she's not easily swayed from her opinion.

Mutable earth, she's only interested in producing tangible results.  She builds her career strategically . Where Capricorn is the CEO of the zodiac, and Taurus an investor, Virgos are great hustlers always maintaining multiple steams of income at once. She'll work well in a profession that provides service. They know how to reach people with their message.  Direct marketing and sales is a great area for a Virgo. People tend to love Virgos because they're not afraid to be theirselves and are unapologetic with their opinion.

 As stated before the virgo woman can be extremely sensitive to poor treatment and betrayal.  If treated poorly she should be careful to not stay jaded too long.  "When a good girls gone bad, she's gone forever" is a great way to describe the virgo once hurt and can be the example of dark femininity.  It's hard to go back to the same behaviors that put her in the position to be hurt. But with proper time and healing she can become a beautiful lover, improving anybodies life she enters. Giving great attention to her partner.

Her friends will love her for her natural tendency to care that everyone feels included, loved, and accepted. Virgos are one to fight for the underdog. She hates bullies and are helpful by nature. Your virgo friend is not the one to sit on a wall at a party. She'll be the friend on the dance floor unapologetically having a good time and sharing her energy to the world. It's always a good time when she's around.