The Leo Woman - Fixed Fire

The fiery Cleo the Leo.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo has an undeniable glow about them. Who can outshine the center of the universe? Her light blinds even herself. She doesn't realized the captivating presence rewarded to her by the influence of the sun. A fixed sign,  she can be hard to move & direct in her speech. Not blunt like her fire sign sisters Sagittarius and Aries. Just stern and direct with regal grace.  Represented by the Lion, the king of the jungle, or should I say queen, the Leo woman has a royal presence. Their pride and dignity are important to them. They have a queen like demeanor and a stature of royalty.  She can find herself center stage in her friendships and relationships. 

Granted with the gift of athleticism typical for the fire signs, their bodies are beautifully designed and they'll do well with body building, personal training, or any athletic pursuits. Leo rules the theater. Not so physical Leos can find themselves doing well at profession that can put them center stage such as teaching, acting, or even politics. Many people with Leo placements will find themselves in front of an audience in some way.  They can demand attention and put on quite a performance. This energy grants a star like quality in people with its placements.

Leo's will be a fun lover. Always looking for excitement.  She's the type if women who will test you.  Don't let her, they don't respect weakness in their men. Her lover must show adoration and shower her in compliments.  They want to feel appreciated in their relationships and in their homes. Especially because they manage to keep their homes in good running order.  Unfortunately if the Leo is invested in their career their fixed nature can interfere with their relationships due to her fixed focus on their goals and destination if they're not aware of it.  Although a more stable fire she's still fire and her energy is restless. They make great stable and reliable friends. They're usually quite optimistic and are capable of lifting anybodies spirits.