The Gemini Woman - Mutable Air (Masculine)

The beautiful Gemini woman.  The one everyone loves to hate but hates they love. Represented by the twins, Gemini displays a beautiful balance of masculine & feminine energy. This can be a sign who is a tomboy one day and a girly girl the next.  Their energy is light & playful. A real youthful spirit. They like to have a good time and could be the life of the party.  Mutable Air, the Gemini is a social butterfly liable to be found in all social settings.  They easily make friends everywhere they go and with people from all walks of life.  They have a respect for difference of opinion or lifestyle and rarely judge. Their mutable energy is liable to pull them in many different directions and is the sign that represent variety. The previous fixed energy of the sign before them, Taurus, turns into a more free flowing open sign in Gemini.  

This is a mutable air sign and is liable to change. Their behavior can be unpredictable at times. their style, their wardrobe, their hair, they like to switch it up. Because of their mutable energy this is a sign with many abandoned projects and could be viewed as flaky. They'll always be working on more than just one thing. Asking them to limit themselves to just one is going against their nature unless they have earth or fixed signs within their birth chart. Actually, dating someone with earth or fixed within their chart can help them tremendously to add structure to their lives & actualize their projects. 

Gemini is ruled by the speedy planet mercury the planet of communication giving them great intellect, communication skills, & quick wit. With mercury as her ruling planet, Gemini is known as the messenger of the zodiac. Because of the natural instinct to communicate, the Gemini can be a sign that can overshare or spill the beans unintentionally. I wouldn't advise to share a secret with a Gemini. She is quick to say what's on her mind without second thought. You can catch people with gemini placements being recognized off the things they say.

Rewarded with great intellect, the  Gemini's mind is one of an engineer.  They do great with skills that require them to breakdown to rebuild. Especially with words. Some of our best rappers, song writers, and screen writers have Gemini placements. Fashion design and creative direction is something they do great with too.  They'll also do well in marketing positions, as bloggers or broadcasters. Something where they can deliver a message. Preferably in an artistic way.

 The Gemini woman needs mental stimulation in a relationship for it to last.  They enjoy somebody they can learn from.  Great conversation is a must for these mercury ruled women. They'll go crazy over a man who displays high level of intelligence.  Dating a Gemini can be fun. She'll do well at hosting your parties and working the room entertaining your guest.  But their friendly nature can make more possessive types uncomfortable.  What may be just a friendly conversation in a Gemini's eyes may be seen a flirtatious from their partner.  But as the mutable air sign that they are they just enjoy meeting new people. This is not a sign who likes to be alone.  Their bounce back game after a break up is admirable.