The Elements in Astrology

Astrology is a beautiful way to illustrate the masculine and feminine energy within us.  In astrology we have four elements that represent the different kind of energy found within nature, fire, air, earth , and water.  All of us have every element within our birth chart but some more elements more dominate than the others.  Knowing the elements you posses will help you understand your energy a lot more.  

Fire and Air signs are masculine signs.  Fire being the emotional side of the masculine and air being the intellectual.  Water and earth are considered feminine energies.  Water being the emotional side of the feminine and earth being the practical.  A woman with more fire and air in her chart may show traits of masculinity just operated through a feminine vessel. A man with more water and earth in his chart may show more typical feminine traits just operated through a masculine vessel. Masculine signs typically translate better within men because the energy is seen more true to nature than in woman and vice versa with feminine signs in woman.  The assertiveness and straight forward attitude of the fire signs may not be received as well coming from a woman as it does a man.  The emotional outburst and sensitivity coming from the feminine water signs may not be received as well coming from a man. Neither one is wrong, its just how it is perceived and interpreted by the outside world. 

Just because a man posses more feminine energy doesn't take away from the fact that his physical vessel is designed masculine with masculine instinct.  It does not take away from the fact that he is a man.  A man with feminine energy still has masculine instinct and should never be mistaken as weak.  A woman with masculine energy operating her feminine vessel shouldn't still be looked at as a woman who doesn't require masculine guidance and protection. Just because she has masculine expression doesn't take away from the fact that she is a woman. Our energies are easier to work with once we have an understanding of ourselves. which is why I encourage people to take a look into their astrological energetic design.  It's a great tool for self awareness and self improvement.