The Cancer Woman.

Candy the Cancer, active running water.  Her cardinal nature keeps her in constant motion.  Ruled by the moon and affected by its phases she's  an emotional woman with many moods. She can have a hard exterior which covers up and protects the soft and sensitive interior. At times it can be hard to read her.  As a sensitive water sign, one must be careful of what they say to Ms. Cancer.  Sometimes she can read things wrong and become deeply offended. Once you offend her there's no going back.  This is why Cancer is known to be a very tactful sign. Especially when it comes to argument and communication. They are really careful with their choice words and can get their point across with grace. They know when to speak and when it's best to remain quiet. 

Ruled by the Moon which represents the mother, Cancer will be a true matriarch of her family.  With a natural nurturing spirit she will make everyone in her home feel accepted and loved nurtured and cared for. As a Cardinal sign, she's an ambitious woman always on course to reaching her goals. The Cancer woman knows that she is destined for success.  A great money maker, she creates streams of income that flow to her like a river.  The income she creates is always with her family and home security in mind.  Women with Cancer placements can make great wives and mothers  if it's an ambition in their life to do so, and to some degree it's their destiny depending on other aspects of their chart. She'll only accept a man of great ambition.  A man she can respect and admire and in return, nurture.

The sensual water Cancer woman is a beautiful woman. Ruled by the moon that governs the feminineOne who exudes feminine appeal. The Cancer woman can be the mom of their friend group. Always making sure everyone around her is taken care of. Creating plans for their group to go out.  Creating the hang out environment for their friends.  She loves to have a good time but there will always be a time where shell have to recuperate and crawl back into her shell.  Her shell being her home which she makes a priority to invest in. It is here safe haven and her sanctuary.