The Aries Woman - Cardinal Fire (Masculine)

The Aries woman.  Bold and beautiful. Direct and in charge. This woman has a spirit of a warrior. She is the true definition of a leader.  Aries, the first of the zodiac is a masculine cardinal fire sign. It's hard for an Aries woman to sit down.  The movement of cardinality within the element of fire gives her a restless energy and an enterprising heart.  Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are prone to fight. Either fight physically, fight for a cause or fight for the underdog. The Aries woman is resilient and relentless in her pursuits and will always come out on top. She'll attack her goals with extreme ardor, focus and consistency due to her cardinal nature. This fiery sign is all about action. Taking the lead of anything they're in to. If you ask an Aries why they decided to do something their answer would most likely be because they just felt like it. "Just do it" is the perfect phrase to describe the Aries energy. 

Aries can be extremely enterprising and visionary.  They're ingenious at formulating businesses but unfortunately they have a tendency to start projects and leave them just as quick once their fire burns out. Aries is more of the bigger picture and don't like to get to tied up in details. It is better if they have a team of people they can pass parts of the business to & who can actualize their ideals and keep them going.  They work better in a team because their big ideals will require one. Whats a leader without a team?

The Aries attacks their goals with extreme focus and passion. Creativity is a quality granted to the fire signs.  It's an energy necessary for their pioneering spirit. It's best to allow them to focus on their creations because everyone benefits from what the Aries creates. These are the type of women who can put their family and friends in positions to win. As selfish as they may seem to some due to their razor sharp focus, they are just as equally selfless and will give you the shirts off their back if in need and can be community oriented.

This mars ruled woman is a fiery beauty.  She'll do best in relationships that are active and fun, spontaneous and full of adventure.  Ms. Aries will not do well with someone who will require her to drop her pursuits 100%.  Whoever she ends up with needs to understand that creating and producing are literally in her wiring and she should always have avenues open to express them and see them through. Her natural independent nature won't allow her to depend on somebody 100%.