Scorpio - Fixed Water (Feminine)

Ms Scorpio. Fixed water.  Like a lake or a pond, still waters run deep.  This mysterious woman posses strong will and deep emotion.  Ruled by the fiery planet mars, her waters can boil with passion exerting fire like energy when triggered.  Scorpio is not motivated so much on ambition but they are motivated by will and power.  The will to exceed who they were yesterday. Not to obtain only material power but power over themselves.

Scorpios are extremely observant and hard at trusting. Their intuitive powers associated with the element of water, is very strong. It may take a while to get to know a scorpio.  The deeper you dive in their waters, the more is revealed.  Though they have great and fun personalities, they're not the most friendly and open sign like her neighbor Ms Libra, but like her opposing sign Taurus, she's slow at opening up. But once you they've felt you out and become friends you're locked in for life.  Her fixed nature gives her a strong sense of loyalty.  For that reason she doesn't do well with betrayal.  Be carful not to cross a scorpio.  Vengefulness is in the nature of an immature scorpio and they will get their lick back no matter how long it takes. Ruled by mars she's a fighter at heart.  Different from her mars sister Aries who's more direct and impulsive, Scorpio will be quiet and calculating knowing just the right time to strike.  That includes fighting for her ambitions and her loved ones. Scorpio fights for the life she desires. 

Scorpio has an undeniable seductive aura. Her sexy energy can be intense and gravitating.  She does well in relationships that are secure and resourceful.  Scorpio is a very mentally strong woman and will not respect weakness in men.  They don't mind display of emotion being it's a water sign, however they respect strength and perseverance.  Scorpios are very capable women. But they have no problem sitting back and letting their man take the wheel.