Sage the Sagittarius - Mutable Fire (Masculine)

The benevolent Sagittarius.  She's a jovial optimistic spirit with a fiery sex appeal but watch out, her mind is fast and her tongue is sharp. Though kind hearted by nature sagittarius can be extremely blunt and could unintentionally hurt those of a more sensitive natures feelings. Well spoken and generally well liked sagittarius can be a charmer.  Though nice and outgoing, there is a part of her that likes to be alone with her thoughts or with her work.  

Sagittarius see's life from a practical view.  She insist on being truthful even though some may prefer a little less truth.  She doesn't understand that being so honest can be a little off putting to some and that sweetening her words can help deliver her message better. Natural philosophers, shell make a great college professor or some area of teaching and higher learning. As a fire sign she can be extremely creative and her creative energy would do well in the ares of marketing and creative direction. Her mutability gives her the ability to do well in front as well as behind the camera. This sign enjoys her freedom, for this reason, many sagittarius will go the entrepreneurial route not necessarily liking for follow other people rules.

A mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, she has a restless energy and always has her hands in something.  Usually more than one. Sagittarius likes to surround herself around people who are optimistic and forward thinking.  She hates to be around Debby downers and is pretty good at lifting her friends spirits by steering their minds to focus on the positive. Not that she's naive to the realities of life, she just understands that the target you focus on will be the target you'll hit, so why not focus on the good?

Sagittarius does not fall in love often but when she does it'll be instant and she'll be loyal. Like her fire sign sisters, she wants to feel the passion & a sense of purpose in her relationships. As a masculine fire sign, Sagittarius view themselves as equals to their partners and would like to be treated as such. Although she may experience extreme feelings she has a hard time expressing them.  Sagittarius does well in active relationships filled with travel.  Not a fan of routine, she's a lover of spontaneity and likes to grow with her partners.