The Pisces Woman - Mutable Water

Ms sweet Pisces.  The last of the zodiac.  This woman is every zodiac wrapped into one.  You never know what you're going to get with ms Pisces. This mutable water signs, has many sides to her that she's not aware of herself. Sometimes, not quite understanding herself due to the complexity of their energy. Like the ocean, her emotional current is unpredictable and runs deep.  A water sign, she's great at tapping into peoples emotions and can be quite an empath. Some can even be blessed with physic abilities. Sometimes unaware of these abilities.  Reflective like a mirror what you see in a pisces is what you see in yourself.    

Influenced by neptune, her imagination is vivid and free giving her a beatiful mind great for any artistic pursuit. Photography, film director, screen writer, or visual marketer, are great outlets for her imagination to be brought to use. Music flows through her effortlessly and can be a beautiful expression of her flow of emotions.  Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, she loves to see her visions through and to take them to great heights. She can be a master at manifestation and sometimes even deception due to her imaginative visions being so clear. What some may say is a fantasy, she'll be able to bring to reality.

Her sensuality is alluring and can attract all kinds of attention. In a relationship she likes to cater to her partner.  She may attract bad boys when in reality her sensitive nature would be more compatible with one of a softer spirit.  Always giving the benefit of the doubt, she should be careful of not giving the wrong people too many chances or getting stuck in unhealthy relationships. She tends to mirror the people she's involved with, picking up their lingo, interest or style of dress.  She can be a supportive girlfriend and always down to be by your side.  

Her friends will love her for her caring nature. Always down to help when needed and always there to be a listening ear.  She should be mindful of her helpful nature. Sometimes overextending herself only to feel unappriciated later or to realize that the same help may not be given in return.  She's a mutable sign so she's always down for a spontaneous adventure and a good time.