Opposite Signs vs Sibling Signs

As I've stated before, learning astrology will help you respect the balance of masculine and feminine energies throughout nature as well as give you a better understanding on how they coexist. On the zodiac wheel every sign sits 180 degrees opposite from another sign.  Like a teeter totter on a playground, these signs pull energy from one another but represent the opposite balancing side of the energy. For example, Aries, the sign of self, sits 180 degrees from Libra, the sign of partnerships.  Aries, a masculine fire sign represents the emotion of this opposition . Where Libra, a masculine air sign, represents the intellect. Each 180 degree opposition has a balance of emotion and intellect operating from the same masculine or feminine polarity. Let's take Taurus, a feminine earth sign and Scorpio, a feminine water, as an example of a feminine polarity opposition.  

A lot of main stream astrology consider opposite signs as "sister" signs but I'd beg to differ. The way that I view "sister" signs are the signs that share the same classical ruling planet or what I'd like to call their mothership . For example, Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus. Taurus being the feminine side of Venus and Libra the Masculine.  Another example of a sister sign is Aries ruled by Mars and scorpio who's primary ruler is also Mars.  Aries being the masculine side of Mars and Scorpio being the feminine. I call them "sibling" signs because one is masculine (brother) and the other feminine (sister).

The sibling signs of Aries (brother) and Scorpio (sister) whose mothership is Mars, are the opposite  of the sibling signs of Taurus (sister) and Libra (brother)  whose mothership is  Venus. This shows the Mars and Venus planetary opposition.The combination of the oppositions (Aries and Libra) and sibling signs ( Scorpio and Taurus) is a completion of each element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth.  Mars: (Aries (fire), Scorpio (water)) opposing Venus: (Libra (air) and Taurus (Earth)).  This Pattern can be found throughout the other two planetary oppositions, Mercury opposing Jupiter, and the sun/moon opposing Saturn.