Lady Libra - Cardinal Air (Masculine)

Ms. Lady Libra. A beautiful lady of quality, grace  and great taste. As a masculine air sign she's logical in thought, yet elegant and feminine in appearance. Ruled by the feminine planet Venus. The planet of beauty, love, and aesthetic, she effortlessly looks good in whatever she puts on. This air sign is extremely social and are always on trend. She'll  know everybody of importance needed to know to advance her life or career.  Lady Libra understands that sometimes it's not what you know but who you know. If you need to get plugged in, hit up Ms. Libra.

As a cardinal sign Libra has an ambitious spirit and a need to work. Her cardinality makes her able to initiate great projects and gather everybody necessary to make the project move.  She enjoys working in partnerships and teams rather than solo missions.  Not that she's not capable to work by herself, her nature just thrives when surrounded by hardworking people guiding them on the path of success. She understands that team work makes the dream work and the power of people. Libra will also do great as a modeling agent, casting director or anything that requires connecting people. Aesthetically pleasing, Lady Libra belongs in front of the camera. Modeling, set and interior design, stylist, social media managers, are all great avenues for the more artistic Libras. The more intellectual of this sign will do well in the area of politics and law. A Libras ability to be emotionless in thought and unbiased in opinion  grants them great ability to work well in this arena.  They won't allow emotions to get in the way of law and can make sound fair decisions based on information and evidence presented.

Libra is the sign of partnerships. Represented by the scales she requires balance in her life. She does not like to be alone.  Of course other aspects of her chart may counter act but the typical Libra feels incomplete without a life partner. She should be careful to heal fully before jumping into a new relationship if her previous one did not work out, and also know when to let go if necessary.  Libras make very supportive partners and fun friends. Her beauty and great style makes her partners want to show them off and her friends proud to be their friends.  A true trophy. Some may look at them as two faced but she just has a natural urge to people please. An air sign,  people are important to them and they strive to be well liked.