Capri the Capricorn - Cardinal Earth (Feminine)

The sensual earth queen Capricorn. Exuding a demeanor of honor and dignity, she knows her worth.  Capricorns are a powerhouse. Blessed with extreme will and determination, this earth queen makes moves slowly but practically. She knows that the power is in her hands to build the life she wants and exudes extreme discipline to obtain it. Concerned about her position in society she makes sure she creates a good name for herself. Always showing up and putting her best foot forward.  As the sign of the CEO, Ms Capricorn will always have the best quality product and service finding herself at the top of the food chain in whatever area of life she chooses.  Once she reaches one goal, she'll carefully implement her new goals building her empire brick by brick. 

Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is extremely self sufficient and instinctively feels she can only rely on herself to get things done the way she wants. As a cardinal sign her instinct is to work. She does not like to stand still and feels better when being productive. Her biggest fear is being in the same place she was last year. At times she can be so hard on herself often times feeling she's not good enough which is far from true.  Represented by the mountain goat, she may go through a lot but what she goes through only makes her stronger.

As an earth sign she likes tangible results from her efforts and likes to proudly show off her hard work by gifting herself with only the finest things life can offer. Whether its clothes, cars, property, or travel, Capricorn likes to have something to show for her accomplishments.  Quality is important to Capricorn. Quality material, quality people, and quality life. Capricorn only invest their energy into things that benefit them, including friendships.  Time is money and every second is valuable.

Ms Capricorn can be the stability of her family. Always making sure everything is running smoothly and moving forward. She's traditional when it comes to family and loves to gather her loved ones for quality time.  She can be bit demanding, and some may say controlling, but she knows what she wants  and understands just what needs to be done to obtain it and is usually right.  Pulling from her opposite sign cancer, she can be a caring and concerned friend and lover. Although she may come off cold and sometimes judgmental as most earth signs are, she's a real sensitive and sweet person to those that she loves.