The Aquarius - Fixed Air

The mysterious Aquarius. A woman of great beauty and an even greater mind. Fixed air, she's blessed with extreme talent and intellect.  A genius to say the least.  Ms. Aquarius knows she has a lot to offer this world and doesn't like the idea of not sharing her genius.  An air sign.  She's not an emotional thinker, her thoughts are guided by logic and practicality.  

Although she may appear cold and stand offish she's a social air sign and has a way of gathering people to have a good time.  Yes she seems to be tuned into her own experience but she love to be around people, is always on the scene, or can be found creating the scene.  She's the friend who makes sure the party is going as planned and  that everybody is in good spirits.  Aquarius  likes to have a sense of community and will fight for a cause that she feels strongly about. Her friends are very important to her.  For some, their friends can be more like family than her actual family.  At times she may seem detached, she's not one for PDA.  In relationships she can appear cold and distant. Not comfortable with heavy display of emotions but that doesn't mean they're not there.  

Although co-influenced by the mysterious planet of Uranus, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Saturn gives this sign a sense of extreme discipline and ambition. Her fixed nature makes her very meticulous.  Aquarius is the type of girl who likes to go by the recipe with precise measurements to get proper results.   Her fixed nature makes her quite stubborn and likes for things to go exactly how she planned.  Shell do great as an event planner,  teacher or professor, engineer, business manager, musician, or doctor.